About me

Size: 183cm
Weight: 90 kg
Place of birth: Mühlhausen
Residence: Katzenfurt
Country: Germany
Hobbies: Drift Trikes, snowboarding, skiing, wakeboarding, aggressive inline skating, cycling, swimming


My name is Robert Genzel, I´m 34 years old and I live in a small town in beautiful Hessen/Germany.
I've always been an enthusiastic athlete. Already in my childhood my parents drove with me on skiing vacations, where I learned to ski very quickly

and after a short time I was able „to make the slopes unsafe“.

But all this was not enough for me. I needed more action and so it didn't take long until I made the fun parks of the winter sports areas with my snowblades unsafe.
When I was 13, I started skateboarding and how could it be otherweise, I needed to try snowboarding on the next winter vacation.
1 year later I was interested in inline skating. But here too, I was always looking for the certain kick and so I was doing "aggressive" inline skating.

No pipes were too high and the latest tricks had to be tried everywhere.

After that, in year 2014, wakeboarding followed.
But one day my colleague showed me a video of „Drift Triking“.
I was blown away immediately and felt the new kick. Within 24 hours I built my own first trike.
Since that day I was completely accicted to this sport. Of course this sport is associated with accidents and injuries, but nothing could take the fun out of it.


In the last few years I was able to see many great places and get to know different people which makes this sport so special for me.
An incredibly great community with people from all over the world, a great cohesion with the aim to disseminate this kind of sport.
I still have some ideas which I would like to realize in the coming years to announce the sport in Germany more and more.